An immersive theatrical experience taking guests on a journey through the heritage, evocative memories and dreams of the bride.

The architectural concept of “Memoir”, orchestrated by Designlab Experience in collaboration with Stefan Lubrina, divided the space into three areas, creating three worlds that were distinctly different from each other yet visually connected through key design elements. A reflective golden paved catwalk connected these areas, anchoring the guest journey during the transitional moments of the evening.

The Entrance 

Guests stepped into a world of blooming red. A path wound between hills of vibrant flowers, accentuated by a 7-metre high flower installation, with each flower carefully selected and designed by Japanese artist Azuma Makoto. A musical score specifically composed for the occasion emanated from the red piano, heightening the sense of theatricality.

Ahead, the scenography of a bright moon rising above the dome was enhanced through expansive ceiling-high mirrors and the reflection of the water below, giving a sense of infinity. Members of a 28-piece orchestra were positioned on individual platforms that seemed to float on the surface of the water.

The Dining Area

The dining experience took place in a dome that was divided precisely in half. Semi-circular tables facing each other from both sides of the catwalk gave an illusionary effect of a mirror image. Constructed of wood, the walls of the dome featured carefully orchestrated beams of light, enhancing the atmosphere as they illuminated from beyond the dome structure. 

A waterfall floral installation descended from each half of the dome ceiling, introducing a natural element and visually connecting the dining area with the rest of the space. 

Enhancing the multi-sensory experience of the evening, a culinary curation complemented the aesthetic of the dining area. Tableware by Designed by Hind featured calligraphic excerpts from the poetry of H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The Majlis

The artistic integrity of the grand majlis manifested the cultural heritage of the bride. Inspired by Arabic architecture, the minimalist décor gave a strong sense of authenticity, as if this recognisable desert palace had existed for many years. Textures brought out authenticity in space, mainly visible through the walls seemingly being brushed by desert winds and time, serving as an ode to tradition.

The majlis space exuded a sense of grandeur, suspended chandeliers adding to the magic as they cast patterns of light onto the seating below. The LED ceiling panels portrayed the rhythm of time, from sunrise to sunset and into a starry sky, adding to the fairytale ambiance of the space. A presence at the far end of the majlis, the bridal seat took precedence between two performance stages. 

Textures brought out authenticity in space, mainly visible through the walls seemingly brushed by desert winds and time, serving as an ode to tradition.

The walls of the majlis were adorned with large suspended artworks. Crafted out of thin plastic mesh by Recycle Group, the panels were inspired by the poetry of the bride's grandfather and the love story of her grandparents. Beams of light threading through the layers of mashrabiya panels and mesh artworks produced an ethereal impression as the three-dimensional motifs brought narratives and memories to life.

In anticipation of the bride’s arrival, the atmosphere of the space was transformed through lighting and music. The bride began her walk down the reflective 100m long golden paved catwalk that connected the three areas. Arranged on each side were ice sculptures containing floral arrangements by Azuma Makoto, symbolising time and memories held dearly.

As the bride entered the majlis area, the chandeliers lowered into an arc formation over the catwalk. Imagery of sand on the ceiling screens was blown by a new gust of wind to reveal the brightness of a new day. Taking her place on the vibrant bridal stage, the bride seemingly floated within the flowers.

The final act of the evening was the cutting of the cake within an intimate gazebo structure woven with flowers, beneath the full moon. 


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