How We Work

At Designlab Experience, every project is a blank page; each the first of its kind. As we embark on a new venture, we first seek to understand the vision, story, and expectations fully through open, collaborative dialogue.


Our creative practice begins with meticulous contextual research in the areas of architecture and design, as well as cultural anchors, followed by the mapping of each touchpoint within the experience journey and narrative before ideation takes its course. The basics are questioned, rethought and re-invigorated whenever an opportunity presents itself.

During the design process, we partner selectively with people, brands, and institutions who share our determination to deliver game-changing results and uncompromisingly high standards. Guided by the lead creative; artists, architects, strategists, and designers align around a joint brief to conceptualise new experiences and environments, which we deconstruct into granular detail. Our work gives equal attention to space planning, designing custom fit-out and interiors, audio visual technology and artistic installations, as well as performance, décor, and hospitality.

Bring to life

Each concept is unique and original, brought to life in the second phase. Production, fabrication, construction, and realisation of our designs. We coordinate the strategic planning and development process and oversee all key aspects including prototyping bespoke design elements, technical solutions, and the overall supervision of design installations.

Our refined process of combining culture, storytelling, and architectural design to elevate moments into transformational experiences is what we do.

Elevate moments.

We specialise in the creation of transformative experiences through bespoke architectural design and art
We are a global team of architects, designers, strategists, engineers and artists who believe that true inspiration comes from the bravery to challenge and transform the familiar
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