Edge of Government

At the World Government Summit for Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, “Powered By You” presented an interactive digital mapped environment.

The DLE Team designed and executed this exhibition in collaboration with Nohlab, Conspiracy Sinc, Neuman Miller & 3 Monkeys. Using projection, sensors and video-mapping, physically-activated experiences challenged visitors to think in new ways about how the most pressing global challenges of our time can be solved.

4000 paxEvent Size
Dubai, UAELocation

The interactive experience journey began with the introduction of the message “Powered By You”. As they progressed through the space, visitors were invited to interactively power individual exhibits, thereby becoming agents of change. Creative sound and lighting elements created a multi-sensory atmosphere.

The end of the journey featured a fully immersive experience where the environment responded to movement. As visitors moved, the energy around them moved as well, with ripples emanating outwards, powering the entire space.

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