Bisat Al Reeh

For the highly-anticipated charity festival Bisat Al Reeh locally inspired contemporary design elevated the guest experience.

Reminiscent of a souq in the old town of Jeddah, the exhibition space was characterized by the Rawashin architectural style. Booth facades of retail outlets were emboldened with distinctive shapes drawn from local heritage. Illustrations by London-based designer Charlotte Taylor adorned the upper facades giving an added dimension to the overall style.

Three courtyards welcomed visitors into cafes and seating areas, which were accented with carts of local produce typical of a traditional market space. The functionality of lamp posts was fused with the natural form of trees to create structures of hanging lights, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Bold paper installations designed and handcrafted by Shanghai artists of Nan Paper Art floated above the entrance, incorporating Arabic calligraphy and evoking the notion of the flying carpet.

8,900 sqmVenue Size
Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaLocation

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