Our client’s desire for a space that felt organic and flowing led us to a layout that was inspired by parks and green environments where guests could promenade amongst nature.

Greenery and trees were interspersed within custom-made sofa seating areas that sat on two levels of elevation along curving pathways. These paths created dimension within the space and kept movement organic, enabling the bride’s path to feel spontaneous as she navigated with ease around the landscaped islands amongst the attendees. Layers of origami fabric and wood feature walls added to the fusion of natural elements, framing the scene to complete the peaceful ambiance and natural flow.

1200 paxEvent Size
Dubai, UAELocation

Acclaimed large-scale sculpture artist Kendall Buster used the project floorplan as inspiration for a striking ceiling installation comprising interconnected translucent organic forms. Producing a cloud effect, the installation became a dramatic focal point in its representation of landscape as well as architecture.

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