Bedayat Performance & Stage Design

Bedayat's soirée drew inspiration from the country's esteemed tradition of symbolism and mystique, and it set the stage for an engaging and interactive experience. Mixing live dances, original storytelling, and projection mapping. 

Five groups of dancers showcased their talents, each representing one of Saudi Arabia's five regions, coming together on stage to invite growth and prosperity, while golden projections illuminated the space. 

The performance quickly transformed into a kaleidoscope of sorts, symbolizing change, before culminating in a starred landscape depicting the future of Saudi Arabia. The landscape was inspired by the Wadi Hanifa region in Saudi Arabia, leaving a lasting impression on the captivated audience.

Guests were enchanted by the scenography, as well as the custom musical arrangement and performance art that underpinned the evening, giving an appearance of deceptive effortlessness. 

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