To commemorate the celebration of Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day, Bedayat was created to be a masterful display of elegance and sophistication. The evening was meticulously designed and curated to embody the values of the people, essence of the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape.

Surrounded by a seating arrangement of 1,500 guests, the outskirts of the venue was designed to mimic the authentic nature of the Wadi Hanifa region. Whereas, the structure enveloping the space provided the canvas for the show narrative told through projection mapping.

Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Location

The Designlab Experience team carefully designed every detail, from the décor to multimedia content, to reflect the distinct identities of the nation’s five regions, inviting guests to appreciate the Kingdom’s solid roots, its cohesiveness, stability, and security.

Guests were welcomed to escape reality and enter a virtual wonderland, where incredible projections covered the dome-shaped canopy's inner structure, creating a dialogue with the open surroundings and blurring the lines between the interior and exterior spaces. Despite its apparent simplicity, the installation mesmerized guests with its ever-changing images and sounds, as well as the natural scenery of the distant hills.

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