Ana Arabiah

A bold artistic aesthetic was combined with effective wayfinding strategy for arts exhibition Ana Arabiah.

An initiative by General Entertainment Authority as a part of Riyadh Season 2019, Ana Arabiah showcased and celebrated the artistic talents and achievements of Saudi Arabian women. 

A vibrant modern souk was laid out with pathways guiding guests through three defined areas that functioned as neighbourhoods. At the centre of each area was a courtyard and seating arrangement, accented by greenery to evoke an outdoor setting. Each of the neighbourhood’s facades was distinguished by its own bold colour palette and was characterized by patterns and designs from a specific geographical region from Arab lands both near and far.

6,780 sqmVenue Size
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

Patterned perforated fabric used in the structures allowed the colours to fuse and interlay with shadows in a playful and dramatic manner. The spectrum of colour and shade throughout the entire exhibition space simultaneously alluded to the diverse talents and characteristics of Saudi women.

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