Designlab Experience featured in The New York Times

August, 03 2021

Some artists have found a new home outside of art galleries as couples strive to create interactive art experiences for their wedding guests...

Designlab Experience was hired in 2014 for a 3,500-person wedding in Dubai to create a lucid dream, where guests are aware that they’re dreaming. To make this work, the company teamed up with artists to create ephemeral clouds of Swarovski crystals clouds and three-dimensional magical creatures. The Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Pamela Nicholson, was also hired.

“Guests were immersed in a dreamlike space filled with 15,000 light sticks, 65,000 Swarovski crystals, 4,000 paper cranes, a full orchestra, birds, falcons, gazelles, flowers and fine cuisine,” said Hibah Albakree, the managing partner of Designlab Experience.

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