Behind The Scene

Producing Lucid Dream

Designlab Experience listened carefully while renowned artist Sheika Lateefa observed that their projects made her feel as though she was in one of her art pieces; this key point sparked the vision for Lucid Dream.

The vision was to bring art to life. Engineering an immersive environment, two-dimensional images and themes from Sheikha Lateefa’s work were translated into a multi-performance, multi -sensory experience that transported guests into the world of her art.

The ambition to realise this concept with a high degree of excellence motivated our team to draw on our experience, skill and passion and to push the boundaries towards entering a new realm of event design. The event was deeply personal for our client and also became a personal journey for the DLE team as we envisioned a meaningful and unforgettable experience for her and her guests.

The Execution:

Weeks of designing/planning: 6

Months of production: 3

Hours to build: 224

Team members: 600

Dancers: 45

Musicians: 65

Paper cranes: 4000

Light bulbs: 16,000

Swarovski crystals: 70,000

Days to bring it all together: 14

The list above is a fraction of what was involved to make Lucid Dream a reality. All elements were customised and orchestrated to create a spectacularly memorable evening.

Top-level creative talents were commissioned and flown in from across the globe including sound producers, directors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, floral designers, puppeteers, and costume designers. DLE’s own design specialists in the fields of set design, graphics, construction and fabrication worked closely with our international collaborators, bringing all elements of design, production and performance together with precision. Working on a project of such a grand scale to achieve flawless execution required meticulous planning down to the smallest details.

Artist Collaborators

Installation artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot recreated their renowned ephemeral Swarovski clouds, enhancing the dream-like ambience and connecting the large event space beneath a twinkling canopy.

Los Angeles Director Amy Tinkham and her team brought the bride’s visual art to life.

South African puppet designer Roger Titley created the three-dimensional magical creatures.

Music was produced by Jean Marie Riachi and performed by the Covent Garden Orchestra and conducted by Pamela Nicholson. 

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