Mootassem El Baba

Managing Partner

Mootassem is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Designlab Experience. As the Creative Principal of the studio and an internationally recognized creative leader, Mootassem draws on over 40 years of multi-disciplinary experience across a variety of industries. 

His intuitive and visionary design thinking has helped position Designlab Experience as a category-leading studio in the creation of theatrical and artistic environments and installations, fueled by expressive narratives and exquisitely crafted touchpoints. A master in transformational design that is consistently as unique, pioneering, as it is meaningful, Mootassem guides his team of architects, creatives, designers and fabricators from concept to execution and is involved in every project. 

Mootassem is a passionate artisan who puts equal value into ideation and experimental prototyping, as he does into artistic collaborations and exceptional craftsmanship. Aside from his vision for Designlab Experience, Mootassem is a mentor and teacher to emerging creatives and architects.

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