UAE National Day

In recognition of the UAE’s 47th National Day, Designlab Experience was invited by the UAE Embassy in Riyadh to design a majlis space to host dignitaries and guests.

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Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

The majlis provided a venue for VIP guests to celebrate, while also recognising the important connection between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Set in the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, the structure incorporated traditional architectural styles of the UAE, presenting a dialogue between the contemporary art installation and the architecture of the National Museum.

The guest journey began at a gateway entrance, progressing through a gallery-like pathway of printed windows towards the central majlis area. Each window showcased historical photographs of the two countries’ rulers, highlighting the relationship between the two nations throughout the ages.

Three-dimensional steel frame structures were covered with perforated printed fabric to establish transparency. The ink tone of the printing was reminiscent of old blue-print architectural drawings. Lights were positioned to fall like beams of sunlight onto the fabric, simulating and complementing the pre-existing shadow effect of the printing.

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