Starry Night

The ways in which people interact with one another within a space continue to evolve to create engaging and unexpected guest journeys. The bride’s entry and the way that she and her guests moved throughout the space during the evening was central to the design direction of Starry Night; a project that demonstrated Designlab Experience’s creative strength and ideation.

Starry Night took place in the bustling city of Riyadh and was designed based on the bride’s aesthetic references of eclectic organic forms, crystalline and glamor. This inspired lead designers to translate the beauty of these concepts into the creation of an enchanted forest. The sense of openness, curiosity and enchantment from elements found in hills, valleys and woodlands produced bespoke pieces that outlined the spatial dimensions and dividing volumes within the venue.

From ground level to ceiling, the plan and specially fabricated installations played with the idea of reveal and conceal while considering a sense of continuity between the two spaces of the majlis and dining area.

In the majlis space, seemingly deconstructed bundles of golden feather-like forms and magnifying fresnel lenses hung from the ceiling. As if frozen in flight by the motion of wind, these installations mirrored the movement of the bride and guests across the majlis. In between the terraced seating, coiled columns of vinyled gold and abstract, hyper realistic shrubs made of bamboo were sculpted to give the effect of organic forms within an enchanted forest.

The two main spaces of Starry Night were defined through an innovative integration of fabric, creating a sense of discovery and play. The bride’s Koosha was positioned between the majlis and dining area, with suspended iridescent fabric covering the stage, and a celestial backdrop surrounding the majlis. Her entrance was choreographed within a whimsical scenography. As if entering into to a valley, the bride descended between the terraced seating, appearing and disappearing between abstract forms as she made her way towards a central dance floor and the stage. During the bridal walk, a champagne coloured curtain ascended to reveal her koosha.

To introduce the dining area where the cake cutting would take place, the backdrop behind the stage rose to reveal a mysterious space beyond, illuminated by floating Tom Dixon light orbs, inviting guests into a new space to be explored. Like floating clouds above serpentine tables meandering around a central wedding cake, the details in this space were equally organic and unique in material and form. Each of the S-shaped tables held custom made geometric metallic rocks, and floral bouquets.

Starry Night was a serendipitous culmination of ideas which were nurtured between Designlab Experience and the client. Much like the enthralling and surreal sense of being in a valley under a clear sky, where colour, light and form create a particular richness; this wedding captivated its hosts and kept them enchanted by a dazzling evening which continued in celebration and joy to the early hours of dawn.

Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

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