Shadows Ceiling Installation

Guided by a bride’s bold vision for her wedding, the DLE Team designed a rhythmic ceiling installation that blended simplicity with elegance.

The sophisticated enigmatic structure overhead produced a visually complex effect, so dynamic that it appeared to be rotating in mid-air. Using a parametric approach and inspired by contemporary Avant-Garde architecture, it revealed the repetitive nature of the elements used in its construction to produce a dramatic impression.

A combined wooden element was repeated 300 times to form a circular structure that ran the length of the installation. 50 succeeding variations were repeated six times in a looping structure that gave it its presence, shape and form. 

At the heart of the piece was a delicate interplay between light and shadow. Stainless steel rods projected from the top wooden element, resulting in a polished scoop-like capsule that reflected light back onto the wooden structure for extra visual appeal.

Printed fabric walls framed the space and were enhanced with a visual treatment which gave the impression that the suspended installation was casting shadows.

When positioned at the centre of the installation, viewers’ eyes were swayed into a circular dance of movement of light and shadow that lifted the installation above merely decorative, transforming it into a sensory and immersive experience to be interacted with and explored.

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