Poetic Journey Painting

In collaboration with Goga Tandashvili (Russia)

A bride’s private residence was transformed through a bas relief custom artwork. Curated to transport wedding guests into an Arabesque world, it was inspired by Oriental paintings and Islamic architecture. The hand-crafted 3D sculptured artwork extended throughout the entire space, giving guests the impression of stepping into a painting.

A collaborative process of research, sketching and digital printing led to a final design that captured the vision for the space transformation. Once the composition was finalised, a team of painters worked onsite under the guidance of the main artist and DLE members for a period of one month to complete the artwork.

The extensive painting covered almost 1200 sq.m. Each room was characterised by a maximalist aethestic and themed colour palette to create a different guest experience.  A montage of imagery was curated to tell a story as features taken from Oriental paintings combined to create compositions and sceneries of plants, trees and arches.  

Selected elements were translated into 3D sculpture. These embossed elements were created to appear as if they were emerging from the painting, adding further depth and illusion to the painted composition. Mirrors were also incorporated into the space to enhance the sense of depth and perspective of the space.

The customised painting created background scenography for every moment of the evening, including the bridal seat and the bridal entrance.

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