Morning Mist Fans Installation

In collaboration with WOW Inc. (Japan)

Inside the main wedding hall of Morning Mist, three ceiling installations consisting of feather-light fabrics floated in synchronised movements using controlled wind. 

The idea for the installation came from the appearance of mist, particularly from the work of animated Disney film creator Eyvind Earle whose art influenced the backdrop of the stage design.

This concept of mist floating between trees was extended into the guest’s seating area through a kinetic fans installation that was inspired by a previous work by WOW Inc. Developing the creative studio’s design concept further, the installation was suspended in the air and notably increased in scale to amplify its effect within the space.

An extensive process of experimentation took place as the design was adjusted and refined to achieve the exact effect required and to overcome logistic challenges. It was essential to also ensure an optimum degree of safety with all electrical wires isolated within cables. The structure itself was precisely designed to have minimum impact and visibility so that it wouldn’t disturb the movement of the fabric and would subtly integrate into the environment.

Feather-light, the fabric weighed only 7gms per square metre. The fans were programmed with an algorithm that generated wind flow and speed to create the mesmerising formations of the flying fabric. Enhanced by coloured lighting, the motion of the fabric seemed to echo the flowing dance choreography from the stage.

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