Mise-En-Scene Installations

Fans installation in collaboration with Jee Young Lee (South Korea)

Positioned at the entrance to the venue, this installation provided a captivating photo opportunity. Guests were able to walk between the fans, inviting them to become a part of the scenery. 

The installation required the artist’s work to be produced on a much larger scale than usual, leading the artist and DLE team on a journey of experimentation and strategy. 

The fans featured a customised colour palette. Hand painted, they were strategically placed according to varying colours and heights.

The composition of the fans was created digitally before being printed and laid on the floor to ensure precise positioning and height of each fan. The fans were mounted on adjustable stands that were fabricated in-house by the DLE Blacksmith Team to achieve the exact levels.

Tree installation by Preciosa

The bride’s wish to have a tree as part of the stage scenography sparked the memory of a piece that the DLE Team had seen at a European design fair.

The tree installation was integrated into the stage area and positioned behind the bridal sofa. Crystal leaves were suspended from to forms the branches. The tree was designed with a mechanism that activated the wings birds to create the impression that they were ‘flying’ above the bridal sofa.

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