Lucid Dream Performance & Stage Design

The opportunity to bring bride Sheikha Lateefa’s artwork to life led to the creation of an immersive multi-sensory, multi-performance experience.

Sheikha Lateefa’s own creativity and vision provided the artistic license and freedom to explore and create. As a starting point, connections were established between the bride’s own surreal artwork and explorations in sound and live performance. 

Two-dimensional images and themes from Sheikha Lateefa’s artwork were brought to life through serene tableaux and expressive choreography, accompanied by live musical performance.

In order to realise this ambitious vision, DLE teamed up with world-class talent from around the globe. The evening’s entertainment was coordinated by Los Angeles director Amy Tinkham and her team. Artist Roger Titley’s three-dimensional magical creatures added an element of wonder. 

Music was produced by Jean Marie Riachi, performed life by the Covent Garden Orchestra and conducted by Pamela Nicholson. 


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