Jardin D'hiver

Designlab Experience transformed an indoor venue into an exquisite botanical garden featuring a romantic plein air dining room and an expansive lounge and entertainment area. The elegant fusion of grand light installations, digital artistry, a warm watercolor palette, greenery, and handcrafted tree installations created an atmosphere reminiscent of a Renaissance masterpiece.

The opulent 18th-century-inspired lounge was designed to resemble a sanctuary garden, featuring a mix of Gothic, Classical, and Modern architectural elements. The décor incorporated shades of green, ivory, and rose gold, and a dazzling light installation made from frosted metal pipes hung above the stage. The lounge served as the dramatic entrance for the bride, where she appeared as a shadow emerging through a hazy scenery, ethereally descending a winding staircase. This illusion was achieved by digitally repeating the stairs as a backdrop to the stage while additional lights simulated the effect of the sun breaking through the fog, enhancing the colorful stain-glass arch door. 

Cutting-edge lighting and technology created an atmosphere reminiscent of an Impressionist landscape with an exclusive private club vibe. Throughout the space, translucent light boxes were encased in digitally printed Doric-style columns, some featuring stained-glass nature motifs. Behind the couple's Majlis, artificial trees with foliage crafted from stage paper and supported by nets and magnets added to the innovative ambiance.

700 pax Event Size
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

A serpentine-shaped entryway, made with a digitally printed fabric inspired by antique oil paintings, welcomed 700 guests. An abundance of wildflowers strategically placed across the curving perimeter, along with flickering lights and mirrors, enhanced the feeling of an open outdoor space.

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