Jardin D'hiver

"A Winter Garden" is the theme of a wedding reception attended by 700 guests at the event space. Architecture and creative studio Designlab Experience transformed the 2000 square meters of interiors into a botanical garden. The innovative use of lighting, digital art, tree and floral installations, and custom furnishings created an ambiance of contemporary sophistication enhanced by cutting-edge technological elements.

The lounge was decorated with marble-effect flooring made from reflective plexiglass panels, greenery, and contemporary furnishings in shades of green, ivory, and rose gold. At the center was an octagon-shaped gazebo surrounded by hanging string curtains that displayed alternating projections of classic architecture and serene nature scenes. The curtains were raised as the bride made her entrance. Behind the spouse’s Majlis were faux trees with leaves made from thick cutout stage paper supported by stage nets and magnets. Translucent light boxes encased in digitally printed columns featured stained-glass nature scenes.

The Designlab Experience team's vision led to the creation of an immersive winter garden scene, with a particular emphasis on replicating an outdoor nature sanctuary experience within an indoor space. This was achieved by combining light and shadow effects, balanced spatial arrangements, a soft color palette, and decorative botanical elements.

The bride’s grand entrance was carefully orchestrated in the lounge, complete with a digitally designed backdrop that gave the illusion of her walking down a curving staircase with the sun shining through the fog. Key elements of the scenography included suspended frosted metal pipes, a digital backdrop of repeating stairs, and stained-glass arch doors.

700 pax Event Size
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

The entrance was designed with a serpentine entryway made of digitally printed crinkled fabric reminiscent of oil paintings. Wildflowers were arranged in groups along the curved edges, and reflective surfaces added to the sense of being in a vast outdoor space.

The adjacent dining room had long rectangular tables with watercolor-patterned tablecloths and natural wood round tables decorated with gold-finished candle holders resembling Parisian lamp posts. The culinary selections, arranged like objects in a still-life painting, were served on fine antique China at buffet stations.

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