Flurry Trees

In collaboration with Cao Perrot Studio (USA/France)

Flurry was one of the first DLE projects to use an organic rather than symmetrical floorplan. The positioning of the trees within the space guided the organisation of the tables and catwalk. Beneath each tree was a garden arrangement. 

The trees were created from wireframe to avoid obstructing the view of the guests. The leaves and flowers of the trees were designed with a certain element of ambiguity. Formed out of small baby breath flowers, they also gave the impression of clouds floating in the sky as they extended across the ceiling.

Cao Perrot Studio were brought onboard to assist with the installation of the trees. As a technique of installation bouquets were formed and positioned next to each other according to a strategic plan.

To create further illusion, the surrounding walls and the backdrop of the bridal sofa featured the same print of tree. These different layers created field of depth as if the guests were in a forest setting.

The glass façades of the custom-made venue connected the design to the natural environment outside, also making the tree formations visually appealing when viewed from the exterior.

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