Embracing Petals Installation

In collaboration with Nan Paper Art (China)

Inspired Brazilian artist Lygia Pape’s art installation “Ttéias”, the vision for Embracing Petals was for the bride to walk between rays of light, across a floating bridge. To emphasise the impression of floating, clouds were incorporated into the design using the unconventional material of paper.

The clouds were created with a repetition of three kinds of geospheres, a combination that gave the impression that the rays of light were filtering between the clouds. The geometric design also made them appear like floating pieces of jewellery or precious stones. The white colour of the clouds gave them a surreal presence when set against the dark architectural background façade of a palace shrouded in fog.

To add to the fantasy, an over-scaled environment was created below through the introduction of large silk flowers. Under different lighting the silky lustre brought the flowers to life. Reflective geometric rocks were positioned amongst the flowers and a large wall-length mirror amplified through reflection at the point where the guests entered.

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