Diriyah Nights Installations

In Collaboration with Vendel & deWolf (The Netherlands)

“Celestial Time Dust,”
displayed a cluster of orange LED lights swirling in orbit, radiating a fiery blaze. The designers created the installation to emulate both celestial bodies in the universe and people as they crowd around a point of interest.

 In Collaboration with Studio Toer (The Netherlands)

 “Fish are Jumping” is an abstract interpretation of the fish that sometimes draw our attention when jumping above the water—a play of light and dark, speed of slowness, sound, and stillness.

In Collaboration with Masamichi Shimada (Japan)

“You can’t catch me” invites childhood memories of chasing dragonflies. When viewers approach the dragonfly installation, it will always elude them right before they can touch it, just as it did when they were children.

In Collaboration with Balqis AlRashed (Saudi Arabia)

“Suns of the Times” is a multi-sensory experience of connection and discovery, inspired by a poignant feeling reminiscent of a bond between the artist and her father, who grew up in the land of Diriyah.

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