Divine Miracle

A modern design approach achieved a sophisticated fusion of style and colour.

Within the dining area, a modern boat-shaped chandelier created a focal point above the principal guest table. Covered by a lace pattern of laser cut felt material, suspended glass lamps descended from the chandelier, complementing the white floral arrangements of the tablescapes below. A striking royal blue tone featured prominently within the décor.

800 paxEvent Size
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

Art deco patterned walls framed the space, with an additional metallic décor layer achieving a three-dimensional effect. Inside the majlis, fairy lights curved over the seating area on either side of the catwalk. A laser cut pattern reached over the ceiling and along the wall behind the stage, introducing a pattern of greenery. An unanticipated last-minute change of venue challenged the DLE team to adapt the venue design and execute the revised plan over a period of only ten days.

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