The Escape

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A permanent private desert retreat presented a serene setting, ideal for hosting family and guests.

Structures blended traditional architecture with modern design. The functionality of the tent canopy was reinterpreted within the architecture, incorporating an element of heritage while giving character to the structures.

Using a neutral colour palette, the structures sat in harmony with the surrounding environment, establishing a unified aesthetic throughout the entire setting. Local Diriyah patterns were subtly incorporated.

Oriented to face the central water feature with a view of the landscape beyond, the structures were connected by exterior pathways. Shaded outdoor terraces ensured continued use throughout the seasons. 

The design of the interior spaces were guided by the notion of feeling at home away from home, in a comfortable yet elegant resort setting. With a modern twist, the décor combined hints of traditional references in pattern and detailed colour palettes. 

A flexible venue, spaces are able to be activated to host events and gatherings in both interior and exterior settings.

1,290 sqmArea
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaLocation

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