Clock of the Times

In collaboration with Dasic Fernandez (Chile)

At Diriyah Oasis, painted installation Clock of the Times transformed the paths of the mini city into a vibrant work of art. Mirroring urban locations worldwide where art is shared with the public, the artwork was enjoyed and engaged with by the thousands of visitors during Diriyah Season 2019.

Reaching over an area of 40,000 square meters, the painted art installation not only uplifted the aesthetic of the environment but also effectively used colour to guide visitors between multiple entertainment zones.

With reference to his work, Dasic explained, “it is a concept based on the traditional geometric patterns typical to the local region, bringing them to the present; where the main actor is the color composition. It is a mural of carefully organised shades, each color has a specific place and function, in some of the areas of the festival, the art responds to the specific theme of its particular zone.”

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