Bujairi Terraces

Launched during the festive period of Ramadan, Designlab Experience transformed the Bujairi Terraces in the historical town of Diriyah into an elegant destination for recreation after sundown. The intervention featured a grand plaza with a luxurious lounge area, stylish food and retail booths, a stage for live performances, and light installations. Encapsulated by the At-Turaif UNESCO heritage site in the distance, this popular attraction opened in April and continued through July. Contemporary design elements effortlessly integrated with traditional Arabic components resulting in an exciting venue for all who visit.  

The Designlab Experience team transformed the Bujairi Terraces into an alluringly serene dining and entertainment destination utilizing a combination of radiant light installations, innovative, customized structures, and contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics.

An intricate and meticulous lighting scheme is a critical component for executing this tranquil atmosphere. From the eye-catching tailor-made lanterns, hung as pendants on the lounge ceiling and displayed as luminous sculptures on the floor - a reinterpretation of the traditional Ramadan lamps - to the bespoke Gobo lighting fixtures illuminating the grounds with images of palm trees and all the way the exquisite display of twinkling branches installed among the existing greenery, every installation is strategically placed to create a mesmerizing effect.

Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Location

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