Beauty In Form Floral Installation

In collaboration with Daniel Ost (Belgium)

A structural direction pioneered an abstract, dynamic design that centred around fresh floral installations. 

A reference of Daniel Ost’s work given from the bride prompted the DLE Team to create a bold floral installation and connect with the artist for the final execution. 

The ceiling was constructed entirely from fresh bamboos and flowers, becoming an iconic art installation as it embraced the space with its wave-like form. To ensure the flowers remained fresh, a tube of water was positioned at the base of each of the flowers.

A collaborative discussion of the ceiling installation with the artist continued further into a discussion of how the space could be designed as hills. This aligned with the bride’s request to emerge from a tunnel.

The floral arrangements of the hills and tunnels featured prominent yellow and green colours. The arrangements were formed out of flowers that were in various stages of blooming to achieve precise gradients of green to yellow. In order to successfully master this design, the growth of the flowers had to be anticipated and monitored to identify which stage they were at in the growing process and when they would bloom.

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