AlUla Camel Cup

Designlab Experience's mastery in creating unparalleled and transformative architectural experiences was fully realized in the recent build of the annual camel race in Saudi Arabia.The creative design studio supported The Royal Commission of AlUla to host their annual camel race cup. The successful event gained international fans during the four-day inaugural AlUla Camel Cup running from March 14 through March 17, 2023.

Designlab Experience's expertise in architecture and design was instrumental in crafting an immersive and authentic atmosphere that paid homage to the heritage of AlUla. Their attention to detail ensured the preservation of the area's natural environment while seamlessly integrating modern facilities such as racetracks, restaurants, entertainment areas, retail stores, and VIP seating arrangements. Drawing inspiration from the Old Town's patterns, textures, and materials, Designlab Experience created a fully functional establishment within an entirely barren area.

The finished site exuded a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, with two main areas, the Royal Area and the Heritage Village, providing ample space for guests to enjoy the annual camel race in comfort and style. Designlab Experience's commitment to authenticity and sustainability was evident in every aspect of the project and encapsulated against the soaring sandstone Hijaz Mountains, a breathtaking backdrop for a sport existing since the seventh century.

The Royal Area

When designing the Royal Area, Designlab Experience ensured it created an exclusive space designated for His Royal Highness and his retinue. The building boasts three entrances, including the central Royal entrance, VIP and VVIP entrances, and U-shaped lounges with views of the racetrack, dining areas, and office spaces. 

 The design philosophy focused on celebrating local traditional architecture while catering to the needs of Royal and VIP guests. The building's signature vernacular architecture features Mashrabiyas and facade patterns commonly seen in AlUla's Old Town, showcasing the region's cultural heritage. 

AlUla, Saudi ArabiaLocation

The Heritage Village

The Heritage Village was designed to mimic a miniature version of AlUla's Old Town, designed to capture its essence, and recreate its ambiance in the camel race camp. The buildings within the village feature shaded areas and communal spaces, providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The use of traditional materials such as stone and mud walls, wooden beams, and intricate geometric patterns adds to the area's authentic feel.

 The Heritage Village serves as a hub for various functions within the Camel race camp, including F&B stations and retailers.

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